Crash’s Audio Debut

Skin After Skin (PsyCop 8) is now in audio! Over 15 hours of Crash goodness voiced by the incomparable Gomez Pugh. Go spend that credit you've been hoarding! And, randomly, it's #1 in the erotica category, in which I never placed it. There's a metadata gap where you can't choose your Audible categories before the … Continue reading Crash’s Audio Debut


Skin After Skin Audiobook is coming!

Hooray, as of today, Gomez and I have sent the Skin After Skin audiobook off to quality control and publication, so it should hit the electronic shelves within the next week or two. I always imagine this mysterious audio publishing process as a series of elaborate pneumatic tubes.

It Shed So Much Light on Everything

On Skin After Skin: It was refreshing to see everyone through Crash’s extroverted eyes, rather than through Vic’s mistrust. I thought it was brilliant that JCP took the story back to the beginning. Actually, it was before the beginning. It was Crash’s beginning. It shed so much light on everything. It explained Crash’s relationship with … Continue reading It Shed So Much Light on Everything