Win a PsyCop Ficlet

I'm experimenting with an Amazon giveaway, and I picked Many Happy Returns for my test run because it was the first ebook I ever published myself on Amazon, nearly two years before the advent of the Kindle device! Returns is a saucy Crash ficlet, just a single scene, but if you dig Curtis Ash, you'll … Continue reading Win a PsyCop Ficlet


Special Charmed and Dangerous Sale

If you haven't read the ginormous M/M Paranormal anthology Charmed and Dangerous, here's your chance to score the weighty tome for 99¢! Escape the family this holiday weekend, curl up with a massive book, and potentially find a new author to love. Amazon - All other etailers -

Vic has answers. Not necessarily the right ones…

So I'm looking at my old LiveJournal blog, which I don't plan on renewing, and thinking about transferring some of my favorite posts here. I spotted a shot of the paperback cover from Briefs from about 14 months ago. It feels longer to me...maybe I'm aging in Bob Zigler years. Have you read Briefs yet? … Continue reading Vic has answers. Not necessarily the right ones…

Halloween and Ghost Stories

October is my favorite holiday month, ’cos I'm all about Halloween! Come hear me read a ghostly Halloween snippet from Everyone's Afraid of Clowns, a Halloween PsyCop tale. Did you know PsyCop Briefs features TWO Halloween shorts? And did you know that while some of the shorts were collected from my past newsletters, nearly a third … Continue reading Halloween and Ghost Stories

Looking for Kindle Unlimited books to read? I got ya covered!

Right now I've got three lengthy collections/novels free to read on Kindle Unlimited (and available to buy if you're not on KU.) The Starving Years is a fast-paced MMM sci fi thriller. What would happen if the problem of world hunger were a thing of the past? It would go horribly wrong, of course! Read … Continue reading Looking for Kindle Unlimited books to read? I got ya covered!