Win a PsyCop Ficlet

I'm experimenting with an Amazon giveaway, and I picked Many Happy Returns for my test run because it was the first ebook I ever published myself on Amazon, nearly two years before the advent of the Kindle device! Returns is a saucy Crash ficlet, just a single scene, but if you dig Curtis Ash, you'll … Continue reading Win a PsyCop Ficlet


Agent Bayne is on the case!

"There are any number of couples out there—those characters we love, the ones who, when we mention them by first name, everyone else knows exactly who we’re talking about—Vic and Jacob are that couple." - Lisa Horan, The Novel Approach Agent Bayne: PsyCop 9 is here! Ebook and paperback are available now, and the audiobook … Continue reading Agent Bayne is on the case!

Vic has answers. Not necessarily the right ones…

So I'm looking at my old LiveJournal blog, which I don't plan on renewing, and thinking about transferring some of my favorite posts here. I spotted a shot of the paperback cover from Briefs from about 14 months ago. It feels longer to me...maybe I'm aging in Bob Zigler years. Have you read Briefs yet? … Continue reading Vic has answers. Not necessarily the right ones…

Halloween and Ghost Stories

October is my favorite holiday month, ’cos I'm all about Halloween! Come hear me read a ghostly Halloween snippet from Everyone's Afraid of Clowns, a Halloween PsyCop tale. Did you know PsyCop Briefs features TWO Halloween shorts? And did you know that while some of the shorts were collected from my past newsletters, nearly a third … Continue reading Halloween and Ghost Stories