Candy is Dandy – Halloween Scare Trail

It's Halloween, time for so many good things. Horror movies. Scary stories. Cool random gothy items in the Dollar store. But it just wouldn't be Halloween without the candy. Which got me thinking about which sorts of candy the guys in PsyCop are into... Victor Bayne Vic likes chocolate, but is also leery of ending … Continue reading Candy is Dandy – Halloween Scare Trail

Spice Victory

This past summer, I randomly purchased a seasoned salt, not knowing it would totally rock my world. All summer long, Lawry's Fire Roasted Chile & Garlic made plain chicken breast actually palatable. And since it was my new favorite seasoning, as it got lower, I kept my eye out to buy some more. I couldn't … Continue reading Spice Victory

Talents and Levels ~ Worldbuilding in PsyCop

Once upon a time if you told doctors you heard voices,  they’d diagnose you as schizophrenic, put you on heavy drugs,  and lock you away in a cozy state institution  to keep you from hurting yourself or others. Nowadays they test you first to see if you’re psychic.  That’s the start of the PsyCop series. … Continue reading Talents and Levels ~ Worldbuilding in PsyCop