Fun with fingerprints

I’m in awe of people who decorate their homes well. Heck, I’m in awe of people who decorate their homes at all. Well or not. Just the fact that they have a cohesive “look” impresses me. I hang one curtain and I have to go take a break.

There’s a trippy, glittery, bodacious preserved and reconstructed home I visited this weekend that reminded me of the Sticks and Stones hallway, which was decorated with rainbow fingerprints. That scene plays out in Skin After Skin, possibly in a way you might not expect.

So when I noticed paint-daubed fingerprints made up part of the overall look of the Original Rhinestone Cowboy’s house, I snapped a couple of pics to share.

I imagine there could very well be some glitter in Crash’s hallway as well.

Pretend you were shopping at Sticks and Stones

It drives me nuts when I stop at the store and realize I’ve forgotten to bring shopping bags with me. I loathe the thought of more plastic coming into the world just because I’m forgetful. Yes, I do use those flimsy plastic grocery bags for cat poo…but there’s only so much Frank can poo. Thankfully.

I suspect I need to order myself a Sticks and Stones bag so I can stop forgetting. Or maybe so I can put some incense and an astrology book in there and pretend I was just shopping at Crash’s.

Check out the bags

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It Shed So Much Light on Everything

On Skin After Skin:

It was refreshing to see everyone through Crash’s extroverted eyes, rather than through Vic’s mistrust. I thought it was brilliant that JCP took the story back to the beginning. Actually, it was before the beginning. It was Crash’s beginning. It shed so much light on everything. It explained Crash’s relationship with his mother, his history with Jacob, his love for Red. It even explained his complicated feelings for Jacob too. Skin After Skin definitely altered my perception of every character, but I think it deeply altered my opinion of Jacob and of Crash himself.

-Wendy F., Amazon Review

Skin After Skin available in ebook and paperback.

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Don’t judge a ___ by its ___?

The old saw goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. (I do this all the time anyway.) But what about judging a TV show by its title?

I did not even pause to see who was starring in the show Schitt’s Creek because I thought the title was juvenile. But a friend was visiting and we were trolling for something to watch and he said, “I’d watch a few minutes of episode 1” and I said, sure, why not?

And now we’re totally hooked on it.

I adore Catherine O’Hara. ADORE. If I’d known she was in it, I might have gotten past the title sooner.

But for me, the big scene stealer is Dan Levy. There’s a scene where the character and his friend are discussing his sexuality that’s just gorgeous in its understated sensitivity. And the show has a pan character without making a whole big thing out of it. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something to binge.

Upstairs, Downstairs

I’ve owned homes before, but never by myself. A couple of weeks ago, I took a new leap into home ownership. Man, what an adventure! I’m not being sarcastic…not entirely, at any rate. But, hoo boy, there are some things you just don’t anticipate until they happen. I thought that living on the second floor of an apartment building, I was climbing a normal amount of stairs, but I was grossly mistaken. Now that I have a two-story building, I’m up and down between the basement and the second floor all day long. The first few days were so crazy, my FitBit was sending me all kinds of congratulatory emails about my step count. (It’s calmed down now, but I’m getting the 10000 step days again that I used to when I was teaching water aerobics.)

Back when my cat Frankie first adopted me, we lived in a trailer, which is all one level. Then we moved to the apartment together, and the only time he went downstairs was in his carrier. So it’s quite possible he was encountering stairs for the first time! The way he went up or down one at a time, it seems possible they were new to him. Now he’s not exactly racing up and down, but he’s definitely getting the hang of it.

I even started wondering if maybe I could increase his food (which I measure out on vet’s instructions), because he is starving at mealtimes now, and not just I-can-see-the-bowl-bottom cat-starving. But as you can see, he’s still got some chub reserves.

Before I moved, I had visions of myself tucked away in one of the many wonderful nooks in my new home, pouring out brilliant and prolific prose thanks to my gloriously private surroundings. Fast forward to the reality of the room I’d set aside for the den turning out to be distracting, and all my crap in boxes where I can’t find it.

I think the disorientation goes deeper, though, than not knowing where my spare backup drive is. (And I’ve been looking for that sucker for two days now.) There’s the “where am I?” strangeness that’s psychologically distressing for a homebody like me in the situation of being somewhere new, even if that somewhere is pretty great, and it’s mine.

This morning I was delighted to finally, FINALLY produce some wordcount. While I gear up to write PsyCop 9, I’m warming up for it by doing a Vic novella for PsyCop Briefs Volume 2, which I think will be ready toward the end of 2018.

One especially delightful thing about having an obscene amount of space is that I can get back to things like drawing, painting and sewing. My friend was just remarking on the sewing machine on my dining room table–I’m hemming some sheers–and I almost said, “Well, I don’t really sew.” But I caught myself. Because maybe now, I do!


I am appalled at how many plastic bags a single trip to the store can generate for me. It really annoys me when I leave the house without my reusable bags.

Now here’s a bag I’m unlikely to forget! Victor Bayne and Crash in glorious full color–the perfect company on your next shopping trip.

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