Scintillating First Draft

"There’s no good way to say this. Agent NAME is dead.” “FIRST NAME?” he gasped. Clearly I am not as invested in this character as her friend is.


The Carrot Is Within Reach

My current project continues to train my wordcount into something reasonable for a full-time author. I haven't seen or talked to anyone in almost two weeks* and I've been rockin' and rollin' on the words. Even when the fabulous Joel Leslie let me know he needed the Hemovore mss for our upcoming audiobook project, and damn it, … Continue reading The Carrot Is Within Reach

Skin After Skin Audiobook is coming!

Hooray, as of today, Gomez and I have sent the Skin After Skin audiobook off to quality control and publication, so it should hit the electronic shelves within the next week or two. I always imagine this mysterious audio publishing process as a series of elaborate pneumatic tubes.